JJ Pearce HS Student Officers

JJP Orchestra Students,

If you are service-oriented, looking for a way to help the orchestra or just eager to make a difference, we would like you to consider running for our 2016-2017 Orchestra Council. It’s fun, an excellent way to meet people and has the added bonus of looking great on your resume. All students in each of the three orchestras are welcome to apply (9th grade too–that’s why we wait until the Fall!)

There are many ways to help so please read the application (attached) and find out which position might be right for you. You’ve even got plenty of time to think about it. Applications aren’t due until Friday, September 2 (next week.) More info coming in class today.

PHS Orchestra Council Application 2016-17
2016-2017 JJP Orchestra Officers

President—Jackson Wills
Social Coordinator—Oscar Barkis and Stephanie Bullard (co-chairs)
Communications—Hayley Tepecik
KROO Captain—James Kasten/KROO Co-Captain—Charlie Brumley

Chamber VP—Barbara Barman & Hongyi Zhang (co VP)
Chamber Photographer—Andy Anderson & Miriam Shams-Rainey
Chamber Librarian—Katie Mulry

Philharmonic VP—Kate Hayes
Philharmonic Photographer & Librarian—Kate Hayes or appointee

Concert VP—Lizzy Hampton & Valeria Rodriguez
Concert Photographer—Hope Landers
Concert Librarian—Alyx Thompson