Concert Details for Thursday, May 26

Here are the details for next week’s final concert.
Date: Thursday, May 26
Time: 7:00pm
Location: PHS Aud
Attire: Orchestra shirt (red) and jeans
Price: Free!!! Invite your friends and family for this final event of the year!
Schedule of Events:
  • 8:30am–KROO sets up stage (groups rehearse during orchestra period)
  • 4:30-5:30pm–MANDATORY Senior Rehearsal for Alma mater and Sr. Presentation
  • 6:15pm–Concert reports for tuning and warm-up
  • 6:30pm–Phil/Chamber report for tuning and warm-up (Phil: Orchestra room; Chamber: Band hall)
  • 7:00pm–Concert begins
Concert Schedule (times are estimated):
7:00pm: Concert Orchestra (COTG & AFM), Concert Awards
Concert exits; S&E features: Brandon, 9th grade quartet, Emma
~7:30pm: Phil Orchestra (Jig, Mahler), Phil Awards
Concert re-enters; S& E features: Olivia, Matthew
~7:45pm: Concert/Phil combo (Avengers)
Phil & concert exit; S&E features: Kevin, Darren, Schubert quartet
~8:00pm: Chamber (Ballet w/Fields, FMN, Serenade)
Chamber Awards
Jig finale
~8:20pm: Senior presentation w/Brian & Kevin duet
Senior/Chamber Combo (Alma Mater)
~8:40pm: All done!

End-of-year Info

Parents and Students,

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Next week will be the last sectional (Phil/Chamber) of the year so please plan accordingly if you have any to make up due to AP testing, illness, or otherwise. To all parents/students, you may view grades in Focus to see if you are missing any grades.
Upcoming dates:
  • Banquet forms due next week. Hard copies are available in the orchestra room. Digital versions were emailed and are available at Don’t miss out! It’s going to be a fun night of awards and shenanigans (Friday, May 27).
  • Auditions are also next week starting Monday. Seniors are exempt but for everyone else this is your final exam grade as well as what will determine orchestra placement for 2016-2017. Students have been assigned a time/order so please check the document that is in the orchestra room. Missed auditions for any reason must be made up outside the school day at the director’s convenience.
  • Final Concert is on Thursday, May 26, 7:00pm in the Pearce Aud. Performances will feature many of our fabulous students on their solo and ensemble literature as well as a guest performance by Pearce teacher, Matt Fields. It is free for all so bring your entourage.
Have a fabulous and restful weekend!
Melissa Livings


Friday, May 27, 2016, 6:30-pm – 11:00pm
Canyon Creek Country Club
625 W. Lookout Drive
Richardson, TX 75080
Please download, fill out this reply card and return by May 18. Make checks payable to PAOC.

instrument• Families, friends, and significant other welcome
• Orchestra Awards for students of all levels, Senior “Wills”, 2015-16 slide show, and many other special presentations
• Dine on a Nacho/Fajita bar with dessert
• Try your hand at the Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Hold ‘Em tables
• Sing along with the Karaoke machine
• Live DJ!

16-17 Audition music

Music for the 2016-2017 Pearce Orchestra auditions has been released and distributed in class and is available for download on Charms. Auditions will occur on May 16-18 in class. Students should immediately begin preparing for this audition; placement in an ensemble during this year does not affect placement for the next year. Other reminders:

Auditions do not determine whether or notyou can be in orchestra; if you sign up you’re in. If you are not continuing in orchestra next year I am very sad; please note you are still required to audition as part of your final exam grade.
There are three orchestras: Chamber (2ndpd); Philharmonic (4th pd); and Concert (5th pd)
Audition Specifics:

  • Current high school students who earned membership in the HS All-Region Orchestra will receive automatic placement in Chamber without an audition.
  • All other students will be required to audition for placement in the appropriate orchestra.

Ensemble placement is determined by your level of performance and demonstration of appropriate ensemble skills. Please note that each year the ensembles change slightly according to the ability of the players in each section; placement in a particular ensemble one year does not lead to automatic placement in that ensemble for the following year. 
Once results are determined, the directors will make any necessary adjustments to your schedule.

Orchestra 101 event, coming Wednesday–volunteers needed


On Wednesday (April 27), 6:30-7:30pm we will have an event called Orchestra 101 for all upcoming 9th graders. If you love orchestra and want to volunteer, we need you! While the directors are talking to parents about the “boring” stuff, Pearce officers and students will be leading the students through a scavenger hunt. At the very end, we will all meet in the orchestra room and you’ll have a chance to share with our new orchestra families the amazing things our Orchestra has to offer.

If you are interested, we will have a planning meeting with all of our officers on Tuesday after school in the music theory lab. Please plan to attend!

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