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Jan 12 / JJP Orch Admin

SPRING TRIP ACTION ITEM: Fast Pass Links for your tickets, note about bracelets

Spring Trip Attendees (including chaperones),

First, I have received some questions about bracelets while we are at Disney. While these have a number of uses when you travel to Disney as an individual/family, for large groups the bracelets will serve as our room key only. Please plan accordingly if you had planned to “load” the bracelet with credit. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then don’t worry about it.

The main item–for everyone!!! As part of our Disney experience each ticket holder will receive three (3) fast passes PER DAY in the park. “Fast Pass”es allow ticket holders to reserve a one hour time on a ride where they can show up and bypass the regular line for everyone else. It essentially allows you to “cut” but in a nice way. Groups of friends can reserve fast passes and show up together. To register your tickets so you can set up your fast passes while on the trip you need to follow these steps:

1. Download App

  • Download the MyDisneyExperience app from your iPhone or Android. PREFERABLE OPTION
  • You may also set-up your account at (Note that while this may be done online it is advisable to download the MyDisneyExperience app for your phone. This app will allow you to set up your fast passes when ready but also does a LOT more. You will want to have it!)

2. Create Account

  • Create account using personal email address and password
  • Click ‘My Profile’ under ‘My Account’
  • Click ‘Tickets & Passes’
  • Link park admission ticket by entering the ID number provided in the emailed spreadsheet by each student’s name. (Our tour directors will provide actual tickets to group in Orlando where each student will then be able to photograph their ticket per the app’s request.)
  • Match your name with ticket
  • Confirm & Save
3. Choose Your FastPasses
  • Select “Choose New FastPass+ Experiences”
  • Select “No, my tickets were purchased separately”
  • Select your name and then click ‘Next, Choose a Park and Date’
  • You are now able to select FastPasses by park and date.  Just make sure you are reserving FastPasses at times and days that make sense with your group itinerary!

If you have questions about this or Disney in general please email me. Thanks again!

Jan 9 / JJP Orch Admin

Final Trip Packet, Disney 2015

Here is the trip information packet.

Pearce Disney Packet 2015 updated 010915

Jan 6 / JJP Orch Admin

Disney text messages and Disney meeting

To receive Disney-specific text messages both before and during the trip please text “@jjpdisney” to 81010. This is REQUIRED of anyone attending the Disney trip (chaperones and students) and encouraged for parents of students attending Disney (it will be fun for you to “follow” us this way). This number will be used to communicate both itinerary reminders and changes as well as other important information. Please note that this is DIFFERENT than the normal orchestra Remind messages and no Disney-specific information will be sent to that number.

Also, don’t forget to attend our Disney Trip Meeting on Thursday, January 8, 7:00pm. This meeting is highly encouraged for all Disney attendees and their parents. You will receive the most current itinerary, a copy of the rules and guidelines, your child’s chaperon assignment and contact info, and a packing list of both required and optional items. While this info can and will be sent electronically it is much easier to “digest” if you can hear us go through it and can ask questions.

FOR DISNEY CHAPERONS ONLY: Disney chaperons, don’t forget that we will meet at 6:00pm, on Thursday, January 8 prior to the general Disney meeting. If you can’t make this please email me immediately to arrange an alternate time. Also, in preparation for this meeting please reply to this email with your cell number.

Thanks! 9 Days ’til Disney!!!

Dec 19 / JJP Orch Admin


Parents and Students,

Are you still in need of last minute gift ideas (small or large), small gifts for co-workers or treats for company or holiday parties? Or could you just use a massive chocolate fix?
As you can see from the attached image we have a surplus of chocolate that still needs to be sold/given away (many more students paid for Disney out-of-pocket rather than fundraising than we’d anticipated). The chocolate has been stored in a cool, dry area and is good through May, 2015 but it would be very helpful to the orchestra if we could sell sooner rather than later. We are willing to sell each box at cost ($30/box of 60) or at a small profit for the orchestra ($40/box of 60). Of course we can still check the boxes out to students as usual for credits towards next year’s trip and fees but if we are unable to do any of the above the orchestra will lose money.
Think on it and let us know if you can help. I’ll be around during the holiday season and can meet you at Pearce.

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School


Dec 15 / JJP Orch Admin

Chocolate Sale!

Need a Holiday pick me up?

This season the Pearce Area Orchestra board would like to offer an entire box of chocolate (60 bars) for $40!  They are great to have on hand for stocking stuffers, parties and general yumminess. Please come by the Orchestra Room  F104 before/after school or during A Lunch to pick up a box.  Cash or Check made out to PAOC (Pearce Area Orchestra Club).

Dec 15 / JJP Orch Admin

Orchestra White Elephant and Holiday Party Info

Hi Orchestra Family,

We hope you’re all looking forward to White Elephant and the Holiday Party this week-we sure are!

White Elephant FYI:

When and Where: On the day of your orchestra exam (5th period–Tuesday, 4th period–Wednesday, 2nd period–Thursday), we will be participating in White Elephant, a large gift exchange! Participation is not required but very much encouraged.

How to participate: Just bring a wrapped present (try to keep it under $10) to school on the day of your exam! All gifts will be placed in the middle of the room and a number will be given to each student. Whoever draws number one will be first, then number two will go, and so on. After the first gift is chosen and unwrapped, the next person can either choose a different gift from the circle or steal an unwrapped gift. A present can be stolen up to three times before it is ‘dead’, or unstealable. If your present is stolen, you can then choose another gift or steal someone elses’. The game goes on until everyone has a present. Then whomever was first will have the option to steal someone elses’ present or keep theirs.

What to bring: Good gift ideas include: any form of food, small gift cards to target, itunes, Starbucks, etc, or any fun knickknack you may have lying around your house. In addition to this, feel free to bring food to share to your exam period so we can have a snack party after white elephant!

Holiday Party FYI:

When and Where:  Friday, Dec 19 at Sam Braht’s house. 7:00pm and end at 9:30pm.

Planned Merriment: There will be a gingerbread making contest, a Super Smash Bros competition, a tacky holiday sweater contest, and fun holiday music and treats! If you choose to participate in the gingerbread or video game competitions, make sure you sign up on the board in the orchestra room so we know how many gingerbread house supplies to bring and so we can make a bracket for Super Smash Bros. Also if you plan on being in the gingerbread contest, you do have to bring your own gingerbread house making kit, but if you form a group of several people and go to stores like $5 and Below, you can easily buy a house for $1 a person.

What to bring: To keep costs low for the Brahts and the orchestra officers, please bring your favorite holiday treat! holiday cookies, dips, drinks, or any other form of yummy food is accepted and appreciated!

We hope to see y’all at the Holiday Party and hope you have a lot of fun during your White Elephant party! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Your Social Chairs,

Megan Smith (913-424-7180
Nicole Picquet (214-797-0439

Dec 12 / JJP Orch Admin

Orchestra Disney itinerary–ROUGH DRAFT

For your perusal, I have attached the ROUGH DRAFT of our itinerary. This should help you with your planning and other questions.

As a favor to me, please review this and let me know if you have any preliminary questions (ESPECIALLY if you have been to Disney before). I will visiting with our trip consultant soon to make any adjustments based on the feedback that we provide. The final itinerary will be released at our trip meeting after the break.

Pearce Disney itinerary ROUGH DRAFT

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School

Dec 12 / JJP Orch Admin

Disney Trip & chaperone meetings

Students and Parents of Students going to Disney,

There will be a MANDATORY Disney Trip Meeting for all attendees/their parents on Thursday, January 8 at 7:00-8:00pm. At this meeting we will discuss specifics such as itinerary details, packing requirements, instrument FYI, rules/guidelines, etc. If you cannot attend there will be a packet that you will absolutely need to review so we do not get to the airport unprepared.
For all chaperones, we will have a Disney Chaperone meeting on Thursday, January 8 at 6:00pm (prior to the meeting for everyone else.) If you can’t make that meeting you will need to make alternate arrangements with me prior to that so we can review your roles/responsibilities.
On a related note, remember that your final installment of $250 (and any past due balance) is due Monday to the orchestra vault. If you are waiting on a paycheck or need to make other orchestra arrangements please notify our treasurer.
Dec 7 / JJP Orch Admin

Winter Dinner concert details–READ AND PREPARE

Parents and Students,

Here are the details for Tuesday’s Winter Dinner concert in the Pearce Corral. Heads up–Ms. Teske-Gallman is flu positive and may not be well in time for the concert. Individual student preparation and responsibility will be KEY to making this a successful event whether she is back in time or not. I trust that every member of the JJP Orchestra will read the following and know exactly what to do. Thanks in advance!
Date: Tuesday, December 9
Concert Attire: jeans & 2014-2015 Pearce orchestra shirt (if you did not receive yours, did not pay for it yet, or have lost it–already–please take care of that MONDAY)
Pre-Concert Setup/Clean-up–KROO, officers, and those who usually have a Tuesday PM sectional will be expected to assist with set-up right after school on Tuesday. Please report to the Corral for instructions. ALL Pearce students are expected to assist with clean-up at the conclusion of the concert.
Parking and Arrivals: Parents should plan to arrive through the North Pearce entrance off Senior Way. Orchestra students may enter through the South loading dock entrance and use the orchestra room for personal warm-up, etc.
Dinner: The dinner will begin 6:30pm–FYI: Chamber and Phil students who plan to eat should do so BEFORE they perform so arrive on time and eat quick. Concert students may eat AFTER their performance so you are not crazy rushed. If you did not turn in a reservation form by the due date, late reservations may be accepted before 12 noon tomorrow (Monday).
Silent Auction: The silent auction portion of the event will also open at 6:30pm. Please feel free to bid on multiple items. We have some really great things this year! This is a major fundraiser for our Disney trip and future expenses.
Warm-up/Uncasing: Students may warm-up on their own in the orchestra room; official warm-ups will take place in the small gym (close to the Corral). All students should uncase in the orchestra room. Note: if you share an instrument it is your responsibility to coordinate instrument use/warm-up/tuning with your partner.
Performance/report times: Performances by the JH begin at 6:30pm. Pearce times are as follows:
  • Concert Orchestra–arrive in the small gym, tuned w/instrument & music by 6:40pm. Performance is at approximately 7:15pm.
  • Philharmonic Orchestra–arrive in the small gym, tuned w/instrument & music by 7:00pm. Performance is at approximately 7:30pm.
  • Chamber Orchestra–arrive in the small gym, tuned w/instrument & music by 7:20pm. Performance is at approximately 7:45pm.
Other things of note: 
The concert should be over by no later than 8:05pm. This concert counts as the Orchestra Semester Exam grade so be sure you are in attendance and on time. 
If I have forgotten anything or something is unclear, let me know so I can clarify. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Only 9 more days until we get a break!

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School

Dec 7 / JJP Orch Admin

All-State Symphony Violinist

Freshman violinist, Darren C. All-State Symphony.

DSCN0710 DSCN0709