16-17 Audition music

Music for the 2016-2017 Pearce Orchestra auditions has been released and distributed in class and is available for download on Charms. Auditions will occur on May 16-18 in class. Students should immediately begin preparing for this audition; placement in an ensemble during this year does not affect placement for the next year. Other reminders:

Auditions do not determine whether or notyou can be in orchestra; if you sign up you’re in. If you are not continuing in orchestra next year I am very sad; please note you are still required to audition as part of your final exam grade.
There are three orchestras: Chamber (2ndpd); Philharmonic (4th pd); and Concert (5th pd)
Audition Specifics:

  • Current high school students who earned membership in the HS All-Region Orchestra will receive automatic placement in Chamber without an audition.
  • All other students will be required to audition for placement in the appropriate orchestra.

Ensemble placement is determined by your level of performance and demonstration of appropriate ensemble skills. Please note that each year the ensembles change slightly according to the ability of the players in each section; placement in a particular ensemble one year does not lead to automatic placement in that ensemble for the following year. 
Once results are determined, the directors will make any necessary adjustments to your schedule.

Orchestra 101 event, coming Wednesday–volunteers needed


On Wednesday (April 27), 6:30-7:30pm we will have an event called Orchestra 101 for all upcoming 9th graders. If you love orchestra and want to volunteer, we need you! While the directors are talking to parents about the “boring” stuff, Pearce officers and students will be leading the students through a scavenger hunt. At the very end, we will all meet in the orchestra room and you’ll have a chance to share with our new orchestra families the amazing things our Orchestra has to offer.

If you are interested, we will have a planning meeting with all of our officers on Tuesday after school in the music theory lab. Please plan to attend!

Chamber Music Festival Details


A few things to remember/share for this Saturday’s Chamber Music Festival:

Parking, etc.

  • Thecontest is here at Pearce High School…1600 North Coit, Richardson, 75080
  •        Studentsto enter through the South entrance by the auditorium; park in the South lot off Melrose

Performance and Warm-up:

  • Warm-upwill be in the cafeteria 
  •        All Pearce performances are in the orchestra room.  Students may enter the orchestra room briefly between performances to retrieve instruments/music.
  • Contest Volunteers should have nametags and should wear orchestra shirts if possible. Check in upon arrival at the B hall teacher’s lounge by the counselingoffice.
  •        Performers, arrive no later than 20mahead of your scheduled time. Warm-up/Tuning must take place prior to this time.
  • Prepare a numbered copyof the music for the judge. Put your name/school on any music your would like returned.
  •        Ratings will be postedin digital form only at: http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/rcmf-results/ Do not ask monitors for your rating.
  •     Unlikeregion auditions, judges can see you this time. Dress up!

To view the most current Pearce performance schedule please go to:


To view the most current list of volunteers and assignments/duties go to:


Melissa Livings

Trip reminders–last minute

Just a couple of things before we all meet at 5:00am tomorrow:

  • Students, wear your orchestra shirt in the morning
  • Pack your bottled prescription meds with instructions to hand over to chaperones
  • Label your luggage, carry-on and instruments with your name
  • Tune down your instrument SLIGHTLY to minimize string breakage and damage
  • Place everything in the orchestra room once you arrive; Note that there will be a line for instruments, a line for stored luggage and a line for carry-on.
  • Meet your chaperon in the cafeteria with your cell phone and turn over your meds (if applicable).
  • Consider bringing a DVD to share on the bus ride (no rated R)
  • Please review your packing list one more time so you don’t forget anything (attached). Parents, please help with this process if needed.
Weather is forecast to be in the 65-84 degree range with showers Saturday night. Keep this in mind when you pack.

Spring Trip packet (Rough draft)–Please review & sign/return final two pages

Parents and Students (trip attendees),

In preparation for our MANDATORY trip meeting on Tuesday, April 5, 7:00pm, in the orchestra room, I have put together a trip packet that should contain any information you should need. We will discuss specifics at our meeting but this information should help you prepare. Read and find:
  • Addresses to the destinations we will travel to
  • Itinerary (subject to tweaking–be sure to sign up for remind texts)
  • Packing list (let me know if we should add anything)
  • Chaperone/Bus assignment list (may change)
  • Final two pages–trip guidelines; must return signed at the trip meeting or no later than Friday, April 8
Let me know if you see anything that gives you pause or needs to be changed. I’ll have hard copy versions at our meeting and an electronic “seriously, this is the final version” by the beginning of our trip week. Thank you in advance for your careful review of this document.

PHS Trip Packet Corpus 16 updated 040116

Melissa Livings
JJP Orchestra & AP Music Theory
Website: http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/
Remind Texts: @jjpstrings to 81010
Twitter @PearceOrchestra
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/jjpearceorchestra/

Corpus-specific Texts–Sign up!

Students going to Corpus AND parents of those students,

To get Corpus-specific remind texts (that will NOT be sent to the orchestra remind) please join our trip group by texting @jjpocorpus to 81010 or click https://www.remind.com/join/jjpocorpus. This is MANDATORY if you will be on the trip with us. For those of you with kids on the trip signing up is strongly encouraged.
Other info: I will use this group specifically for trip only related texts including itinerary updates and changes and other updates. The group text will be deleted when we return home and information will not be duplicated on the regular orchestra remind since many texts are sent at odd hours and don’t affect every student in our program. For parents, this is a great way for you to “follow” us and see what’s going on without actually having to be there. Feel free to join us; it can be entertaining to see what I have to “remind” students to do at times.
See you in a week for our trip meeting!
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