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Mar 23 / JJP Orch Admin

The Need for Fundraisers

With the expenses of the Disney trip, the upcoming Spring Banquet, and our fundraising efforts falling a little short, we have two new quick fundraisers we want to share with you:

  1. Ozark Delight Lollipops

Students will be able to checkout a bag of 20 lollipops and sell each lollipop to their peers for $1.  Ideally, each student checking out a bag of lollipops will pay $20, up front.  Then they get to keep the money they collect as repayment.  The lollipops meet the USDA’s criteria for all foods sold in schools and can be sold during school hours.

Lollipop Fundraiser begins Wednesday, March 25.

  1.  Mixed Bag Designs

Fabulous eco-friendly grocery bags, tote bags, travel bags, kitchenware, home goods, and more!  Fundraiser dates:  April 6 – 24; details forthcoming

Thank you for your continued support of J.J.Pearce Orchestra! Go Mustangs!

Lollipops Logo

Mar 18 / JJP Orch Admin

Save the Dates! JJP Orchestra calendar items to note

  • Richardson Chamber Music Festival (RCMF)–Saturday, April 25 @ Lake Highlands FC, Times TBA. All students are encouraged to participate; Chamber students are required to participate; Honors orchestra students must perform a solo.
  • Spring Concert (w/select Solo/Ensemble performances)–Thursday, May 21, 7:00pm–This is our traditional Spring Concert with the new addition of formal wear (black dresses/tux)
  • Pops Concert & Senior Plate Awards–Thursday, May 28, 7:00pm–This is a new event to feature “popular” music selections plus the Sr. Plate Awards that could not happen on the early trip this year. This concert will be casual–orchestras shirt and jeans. 
  • Annual Spring Orchestra Banquet–Friday, May 29, 6:30pm, Location TBA–All orchestra students are invited to attend a dinner, end-of-year slide show, and awards plus a dance after. It is a great event to finish off the year. 
  • Auditions for ’15-16 orchestras–in class May 26-29. Music will be released mid-late April. Only seniors and students who made HS All-Region are exempt from the audition. 
Mar 3 / JJP Orch Admin

2nd semester orchestra dates (some new!!!)

Orchestra parents and students,

Here are some dates that should help you to get a handle on the remaining time we have this year. Details will follow as we get closer.
April 25Richardson Chamber Music (solo and ensemble) Festival, Lake Highlands FC (2nd period required participation; 4th/5th-highly encouraged)
Thursday, May 21–Formal Spring Concert, 7:00pm
NEW!!! Thursday, May 28–Casual “Pops” concert & Sr. Plate Awards (add this to your calendar!!!)
May 26-28–Auditions for 15-16 in class (recorded)
May 29–Orchestra Banquet
Feb 27 / JJP Orch Admin

Ladies and Gentlemen, pick your ensembles!

Phil and Chamber,

Now that UIL is over…
Beginning Monday we will begin an Ensemble project in your orchestra that will continue through the beginning of April–you may have heard of something similar going on in Concert. Much like a small group project in one of your other classes, each student will choose ensemble members (2-5 people total) and appropriate level music to play (must be approved by the director). Students will receive dedicated days to rehearse during class time and the project will culminate in a class performance and individual review of rehearsals/performance.
Please note that while students WILL be allowed to choose their own ensembles (and even more than one if they have time outside of class to rehearse) it is encouraged to pick “like-level” members so that the music can be the right level for that group.
I hope that you enjoy this project; our goal is that at the end of it everyone is a much more independent musician. These ensembles may also be performed at Chamber Music Festival (optional for Phil; may be mandatory for Chamber).
Thank you and let me know if you have questions!

Melissa Livings

Feb 18 / JJP Orch Admin

Pre-UIL Orchestra performances tomorrow!


We’ve been working so hard so please don’t forget to attend the orchestra’s pre-UIL performances tomorrow (Thursday) in the Pearce Auditorium. It can be lonely without fans in the audience so we hope to see most of you there.
Non-Varsity (Phil/4th) performs at 4:00pm
Varsity Full (Chamber/2nd) performs at 8:30pm
See you there!
Feb 10 / JJP Orch Admin


Parents and Students,

As you know, our Pre-UIL performances for Chamber/Symphony and Philharmonic will take place next week on Thursday, Feb. 19 in the Pearce High School Auditorium. Parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to come support us as audience members, especially since most probably can’t make the drive in the middle of the day for real UIL at Rockwall Heath on the 26/27th (details coming about that later). In the meantime, please see the details for your/your child’s orchestra performance and let us know if you have any questions. Note: Please note that the volunteer schedule is coming and this email only contains details about our performance.

Philharmonic (4th period):
Before school—bring your formal attire TO SCHOOL WITH YOU THAT DAY
2:30pm—Call time, report to the orchestra room after 5th period to dress in formal attire.
3:00pm—Pre warm-up in the orchestra room.
3:30pm—Official warm-up on stage.
4:00pm—Performance (parents, please attend!)
4:30pm—Students will wait in the cafeteria until RHS is done in the orchestra room.
~5:00pm—Philharmonic pack up and are released to go home/volunteer

Chamber/Symphony (2nd period/Symphony band):
After school—band students only: get instruments from the band hall and store them in the orchestra room; you will not have access to that room after 5:00pm.
7:30pm—Call time, report to the orchestra room to get instruments (already dressed in formal attire); warm-up on your own until I collect you for the official time.
8:00pm—Official warm-up in the band hall
8:30pm—Performance (parents, please attend!)
9:00pm—Symphony pack up and are released to go home/volunteer

Jan 12 / JJP Orch Admin

SPRING TRIP ACTION ITEM: Fast Pass Links for your tickets, note about bracelets

Spring Trip Attendees (including chaperones),

First, I have received some questions about bracelets while we are at Disney. While these have a number of uses when you travel to Disney as an individual/family, for large groups the bracelets will serve as our room key only. Please plan accordingly if you had planned to “load” the bracelet with credit. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then don’t worry about it.

The main item–for everyone!!! As part of our Disney experience each ticket holder will receive three (3) fast passes PER DAY in the park. “Fast Pass”es allow ticket holders to reserve a one hour time on a ride where they can show up and bypass the regular line for everyone else. It essentially allows you to “cut” but in a nice way. Groups of friends can reserve fast passes and show up together. To register your tickets so you can set up your fast passes while on the trip you need to follow these steps:

1. Download App

  • Download the MyDisneyExperience app from your iPhone or Android. PREFERABLE OPTION
  • You may also set-up your account at (Note that while this may be done online it is advisable to download the MyDisneyExperience app for your phone. This app will allow you to set up your fast passes when ready but also does a LOT more. You will want to have it!)

2. Create Account

  • Create account using personal email address and password
  • Click ‘My Profile’ under ‘My Account’
  • Click ‘Tickets & Passes’
  • Link park admission ticket by entering the ID number provided in the emailed spreadsheet by each student’s name. (Our tour directors will provide actual tickets to group in Orlando where each student will then be able to photograph their ticket per the app’s request.)
  • Match your name with ticket
  • Confirm & Save
3. Choose Your FastPasses
  • Select “Choose New FastPass+ Experiences”
  • Select “No, my tickets were purchased separately”
  • Select your name and then click ‘Next, Choose a Park and Date’
  • You are now able to select FastPasses by park and date.  Just make sure you are reserving FastPasses at times and days that make sense with your group itinerary!

If you have questions about this or Disney in general please email me. Thanks again!

Jan 9 / JJP Orch Admin

Final Trip Packet, Disney 2015

Here is the trip information packet.

Pearce Disney Packet 2015 updated 010915

Jan 6 / JJP Orch Admin

Disney text messages and Disney meeting

To receive Disney-specific text messages both before and during the trip please text “@jjpdisney” to 81010. This is REQUIRED of anyone attending the Disney trip (chaperones and students) and encouraged for parents of students attending Disney (it will be fun for you to “follow” us this way). This number will be used to communicate both itinerary reminders and changes as well as other important information. Please note that this is DIFFERENT than the normal orchestra Remind messages and no Disney-specific information will be sent to that number.

Also, don’t forget to attend our Disney Trip Meeting on Thursday, January 8, 7:00pm. This meeting is highly encouraged for all Disney attendees and their parents. You will receive the most current itinerary, a copy of the rules and guidelines, your child’s chaperon assignment and contact info, and a packing list of both required and optional items. While this info can and will be sent electronically it is much easier to “digest” if you can hear us go through it and can ask questions.

FOR DISNEY CHAPERONS ONLY: Disney chaperons, don’t forget that we will meet at 6:00pm, on Thursday, January 8 prior to the general Disney meeting. If you can’t make this please email me immediately to arrange an alternate time. Also, in preparation for this meeting please reply to this email with your cell number.

Thanks! 9 Days ’til Disney!!!

Dec 19 / JJP Orch Admin


Parents and Students,

Are you still in need of last minute gift ideas (small or large), small gifts for co-workers or treats for company or holiday parties? Or could you just use a massive chocolate fix?
As you can see from the attached image we have a surplus of chocolate that still needs to be sold/given away (many more students paid for Disney out-of-pocket rather than fundraising than we’d anticipated). The chocolate has been stored in a cool, dry area and is good through May, 2015 but it would be very helpful to the orchestra if we could sell sooner rather than later. We are willing to sell each box at cost ($30/box of 60) or at a small profit for the orchestra ($40/box of 60). Of course we can still check the boxes out to students as usual for credits towards next year’s trip and fees but if we are unable to do any of the above the orchestra will lose money.
Think on it and let us know if you can help. I’ll be around during the holiday season and can meet you at Pearce.

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School