Missed Registration tonight? Came to registration but still need to pay your fees? Forgot to order spirit wear?

No Problem! You can now pay online with a credit card!

Simply go to https://squareup.com/store/jjpearceorchestra/ and pay online! Please remember to put your student’s name in the Note to Seller box when paying so we can correctly credit your account.

If you do not remember what you owe, your charms ledger has all the details. If you have any questions about your charms ledger, please contact Morgan Ambrose at treasurer@jjpearceorchestra.com.

You are still welcome to send in a check made out to “PAOC” to the safe in the Orchestra Room.

Registration Reminder

Registration is coming up on Thursday, August 18th! Below are a few additional details not mentioned in the postcard!

  • All school owned instruments at home for the summer should be returned on the day of registration (Aug. 18). We will get you set up on the one you will use at school, and if applicable, the one you may use at home.Please note that the RISD fee for school instrument use is now $100 per year (still a bargain!). This will be due at registration and is used for routine maintenance and repair. If you have received this email and will not be using a school-owned instrument please let Mrs. Livings know so she can remove the fee. You will not have to pay two fees if you will have home and school use.
  • Please download, print, fill out, and bring the following forms to registration:
    16-17 PHS Orch Handbook Acknowledgement Form
    16-17 Extracurricular Agreeement Form
    16-17 School-owned Instrument Check-Out Form (if applicable)
    16-17 Orchestra LOCAL Medical Form
    16-17 Spring Trip Medical Form
    16-17 Spring Trip Contract16-17 Region Contract (if applicable)

    16-17 Honors Contract (if applicable)

    All forms can be downloaded on the JJP Orchestra website at http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/forms/.

  • We will need 2 separate copies of your medical insurance card.
  • Can’t wait to go on the trip? You can pay your Spring Trip Deposit at Registration. It is due no later than September 23rd, so don’t wait!
  • Don’t your forget cash, checkbook, or credit card.
  • Know your size! This will make uniform try-on go much faster!
  • Registration times for Juniors/Seniors are 4pm-6pm and Freshman/Sophomores are 6pm-8pm, but if you have a conflict on August 18th, come whenever you can during the 4pm-8pm time window. We need you to come!


GDX Social

As a start of the year team-building event and our last social of the summer, your co-social chairs from last year, Stephanie Bullard and Oscar Barkis, are planning a Group Dynamix overnight lock-in on Thursday, August 18th.


Thursday, August 18th, at 8 pm until 8 am the next morning (Friday, August 19th)
Group Dynamix, 1100 Venture Ct #120, Carrollton, TX 75006

If you haven’t been before, Group Dynamix is a great place with tons of stuff to do, and this will be a great way to get next year started off right. In order to go, we need at least 25 kids going with 1 chaperone per every 10 kids. The cost is $25 for the night. Chaperones do not need to pay.

August 18th is registration, but registration only goes til 8pm and anyone can show up late. Registration is REQUIRED but we would love to see you at both! Please come to both! Also, dinner and breakfast are not provided, but there is a vendor bar there with plenty of options so bring $10-20 extra to buy food there.

If you are interested (especially to be a chaperone) please text Oscar at 214-226-3255. He will tell you where to drop off the money and send you the itinerary. Please RSVP ASAP, as the reservation needs to be made in the next 10 days. Thank you.

Oscar Barkis
(214) 226-3255

School Instruments

Have a school instrument at home? Please bring that back no later than Friday so we can have it evaluated for maintenance.

Concert Details for Thursday, May 26

Here are the details for next week’s final concert.
Date: Thursday, May 26
Time: 7:00pm
Location: PHS Aud
Attire: Orchestra shirt (red) and jeans
Price: Free!!! Invite your friends and family for this final event of the year!
Schedule of Events:
  • 8:30am–KROO sets up stage (groups rehearse during orchestra period)
  • 4:30-5:30pm–MANDATORY Senior Rehearsal for Alma mater and Sr. Presentation
  • 6:15pm–Concert reports for tuning and warm-up
  • 6:30pm–Phil/Chamber report for tuning and warm-up (Phil: Orchestra room; Chamber: Band hall)
  • 7:00pm–Concert begins
Concert Schedule (times are estimated):
7:00pm: Concert Orchestra (COTG & AFM), Concert Awards
Concert exits; S&E features: Brandon, 9th grade quartet, Emma
~7:30pm: Phil Orchestra (Jig, Mahler), Phil Awards
Concert re-enters; S& E features: Olivia, Matthew
~7:45pm: Concert/Phil combo (Avengers)
Phil & concert exit; S&E features: Kevin, Darren, Schubert quartet
~8:00pm: Chamber (Ballet w/Fields, FMN, Serenade)
Chamber Awards
Jig finale
~8:20pm: Senior presentation w/Brian & Kevin duet
Senior/Chamber Combo (Alma Mater)
~8:40pm: All done!

End-of-year Info

Parents and Students,

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Next week will be the last sectional (Phil/Chamber) of the year so please plan accordingly if you have any to make up due to AP testing, illness, or otherwise. To all parents/students, you may view grades in Focus to see if you are missing any grades.
Upcoming dates:
  • Banquet forms due next week. Hard copies are available in the orchestra room. Digital versions were emailed and are available at www.jjpearceorchestra.com. Don’t miss out! It’s going to be a fun night of awards and shenanigans (Friday, May 27).
  • Auditions are also next week starting Monday. Seniors are exempt but for everyone else this is your final exam grade as well as what will determine orchestra placement for 2016-2017. Students have been assigned a time/order so please check the document that is in the orchestra room. Missed auditions for any reason must be made up outside the school day at the director’s convenience.
  • Final Concert is on Thursday, May 26, 7:00pm in the Pearce Aud. Performances will feature many of our fabulous students on their solo and ensemble literature as well as a guest performance by Pearce teacher, Matt Fields. It is free for all so bring your entourage.
Have a fabulous and restful weekend!
Melissa Livings
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