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Sep 19 / JJP Orch Admin



The deadline to order yard signs and decals has been extended to Monday, September 22.  If you’re interested, please fill out the attached order form and turn in, with cash or check made out to PAOC.

The deadline to order spirit wear is Friday, September 26.  An order form is also attached for your convenience; cash or check made out to PAOC.

Send your questions to Lonnie Smith

Orchestra Spirit Items Order Form

Sep 18 / JJP Orch Admin


If you will be selling your items in the Garage Sale, you can start setting  up around 6:30 am in the Band grid parking lot (near the baseball diamond).
you may collect and keep your earnings from your sales for your JJP Orchestra student or you may donate your earnings to the JJP Orchestra student of your choosing.
Send your questions to the Garage Sale Coordinator, Teri Budde at
Sep 17 / JJP Orch Admin



It’s A SCRIP World, After All…

Sorry for the pun…just trying to get you and your child in the spirit of Disney!  And while I’m at, I offer you a way to earn scholarship dollars for your child’s ledger.  Taking advantage of the SCRIP program is easy!

1. Register at  I can’t post the Pearce code online, so if you still need to register, let me know; I can give you the code.

2. Place your order online.  You can purchase gifts cards to hundreds of restaurants, stores, even cruises.  You can even buy Disney gift cards!  These gift cards earn your student  scholarship credit in his ledger, based on rebates.  To pay for your order, place a check and copy of your order (printed from website) in the orchestra vault by 4:00 on Friday.  The cards will be in by Thursday, and ready for pickup on Friday.  PLEASE PUT A PHONE NUMBER ON THE ORDER FORM, SO I CAN CONTACT YOU ABOUT DELIVERY.

3. To avoid the whole check-in-the-vault thing, you can sign up for PrestoPay, similar to PayPal.  This takes several days, so it won’t probably be an option for this order.  But it is a great way to get gift certificates printed immediately- just order and go!  Email me for more information about this.

Your next trip payment is just around the corner!  I hope to hear from you…because It’s a SCRIP, SCRIP World!

Questions? Contact Carol McBroom-

Sep 15 / JJP Orch Admin

Disney trip FYI–airport ID’s

Parents and Students,

This is WAY early but I wanted to pass on this information regarding showing ID at the airport since I had some questions. For most of you (ages 14-17), the school ID will work but if you are 18 (at the time of the trip) a more official ID will be needed. I’m attaching the info for your reference.
As a reminder, if you are backing out of the trip as a result of the date change I need to know by 9am tomorrow. Thanks!

IDs at the airport info

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School

Sep 15 / JJP Orch Admin

JJ Pearce Orchestra Hosts a Garage Sale!

Saturday, September 20, 2014
9:00 am – 2:00 pm
If you will be selling on Saturday, bring your tables, boxes, bags, and change (bank) to the Band grid parking lot (by the baseball diamond) on Saturday morning for set up around 6:30 am.
Since Pearce Orchestra is sponsoring this volunteer event, you may choose to collect and keep your earnings from your sales for your JJP orchestra student or you may donate your earnings to the JJP orchestra student of your choosing.
If you need help or have any questions, please contact
Teri Budde at 214-232-1064 or
Sep 15 / JJP Orch Admin

Pearce Orchestra Night at Chili’s

chilisCoit and Campbell location only

Are you hungry?

Well join us at Chili’s for a bite to eat!*

Don’t forget to mention to your waitperson that you are with JJP Orchestra and a portion of your bill goes back to Pearce Orchestra!  This is an easy way to keep costs down for the Disney World Trip in January!

*The dining hours for JJP Orchestra Night at Chili’s are anytime between 4 pm and 10 pm.

Chili’s Night Dates for 2014

Wednesday, September 17 

Wednesday, October 15

Wednesday, November 19

Wednesday, December 17


Sep 15 / JJP Orch Admin

Disney Trip Date Change

I apologize for the urgency of this message but due to an issue with flight availability on our original return date (Sunday, January 18) we will be altering our dates for Disney by one day. Please read this email in full so that we can make sure that all changes are clearly communicated. Administration has approved these changes and we will be talking to students today in class.

NEW DEPARTURE DATE FOR DISNEY: Depart on Thursday, January 15 from Dallas Love Field at approximately 6:50pm. Students will ONLY miss school on Friday, January 16.

NEW RETURN DATE FOR DISNEY: Return on Monday, January 19 from Dallas Love Field at approximately 8:55pm. This is MLK Holiday so students will not miss school.

review this change with your personal calendar, plans, etc. If there are no issues with this date change, return the attached trip agreement addendum to directors on Monday. If you choose to back out as a result of this change, email me no later than Tuesday, 9/16, 9:00am so we can remove the trip from your ledger. No penalty/loss of trip deposit will apply if you choose to back out by Tuesday as a result of the trip date change or otherwise. All other due dates, payments and trip terms apply.  Please note that if I do not receive either a notice of withdrawal or a signed addendum I will assume that your child is still intending to participate.

Hopefully, this change presents you with no issues and in fact has many benefits. Here are a few details to consider other than the above:

  • No price changes will occur as per the agreement (in fact, this helps us keep costs low)
  •  Students will only miss one day of school now (not two).
  • All other trip details and activities will remain the same.
  • The theatre department is planning a full day rehearsal on MLK Holiday that we will now be out of town for. Per a discussion with Ms. Biddle, if you are planning on being involved in the musical as an actor or pit member, you will NOT be penalized for your absence from the MLK rehearsal if you are on the orchestra trip. Only those wanting to be “leads” should discuss this with Ms. Biddle prior to making a decision.

Disney Trip Agreement Addendum

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School

Sep 9 / JJP Orch Admin

NEW Extracurricular Agreement needed


I apologize for the inconvenience, but the Extracurricular Agreement that was available at registration had an omission on it (Student Signature and Parent Info was missing). Please complete the attached form and get it back to me ASAP. The guidelines you are agreeing to are available on our website under “Forms.”
FYI: This form was passed out as a hard copy yesterday in class. If you sent this form with your child today, thank you and please disregard the message.
Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School
Sep 8 / JJP Orch Admin

It smells like chocolate in the orchestra room…

Parents and Students,
Our most popular fundraiser continues today and the orchestra room smells AMAZING! On Friday (you may have gotten a “Remind” text) we received our latest shipment of World’s Finest Chocolate. By participating in this optional activity, you may earn scholarship credit towards your/your child’s ledger and offset fees and/or Disney trip costs. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Check out a box(es)–up to two may be out at a time–BEFORE or AFTER school (you’ll see the chocolate show up on your ledger)
  • Sell the bars inside for $1/eachNEVER in school (prohibited by State Law)
  • Turn in the money to the orchestra safe (NO COINS)
  • The treasurer receives your payment, the chocolate cost is removed and the scholarship amount is applied ($30/box)
  • Repeat above steps as many times as you like. There is no due date; we sell until the product is gone.

We will go over the specifics in class but here are a few other things to remember:

  • Cash/check (to PAOC) only accepted as payment for chocolate
  • NO coins ever please; the bank charges us to deposit change.
  • If chocolate is lost/stolen you still owe the value of the box ($30) to PAOC so be vigilant! 
  • Be sure to put your name on your deposit envelope!
  • Never sell during the school day–this is prohibited by state law.
  • You MAY sell to adults at any time and you should take your chocolate with you everywhere,  including outside school and church events.

If you still have questions please let me or Ms. Teske-Gallman know. Happy selling!

Melissa Livings
Orchestra/AP Music Theory
Pearce High School

Sep 4 / JJP Orch Admin

Spirit Wear