Honors Orchestra

We are now prepared to begin enrolling students in HONORS Orchestra. For those of you who are new, this is a special program that exists only at the high school level so if you are coming from the junior high you have never had this opportunity before. Here are the highlights:

  • Students enroll in a special section of orchestra; no schedule changeis needed.
  • Students complete a special set of requirements (listed on the attached application) each semester.
  • In return, students receive five (5) “quality” points towards their GPA–think getting a 105 in orchestra instead of 100. It works similarly to AP class etc.
  • Benefits are obvious when it comes to grade points but also help expand a student’s learning.
  • The only deterrent that I know of for most students is the preparation required for All-Region. This music is very difficult (download on Charms now if you’d like to see it) so it’s important to note that a student only needs to audition, not actually make the all-region orchestra.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Applications are due without exception on Friday, September 4. Student and Parent signatures are required.

honors requirements and application 15-16

All Region

The 15-16 Orchestra All-Region music is now available for download on the Charms website. (Yay! Start practicing!!!) All members of Chamber/2nd period orchestra and any student wanting to enroll in Honors orchestra will need to prepare this music for the October audition. Hard copies are also available in class.

Please note that you must fully log in to view it. Due to copyright permissions this is the ONLY way it can be available on the Charms/any website. (To review how to log in to the charms website, please visit http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/charms/  and view the log in instructions.)

Welcome to the JJP Orchestra

If you did not get the following email from Mrs. Livings, please email her to let her know your correct email!

Greetings orchestra members for 2015-2016!

This is a test email from our system to make sure you are going to get our summer communications. If you are receiving this and there is an address we should delete or modify just respond. 
Charms notes: Please note that if you are a former Parkill student your Charms login has been reset to your 6-digit school ID number. For all former JH, your new school code for Charms is “PearceHSOrch”. If you have no idea what I mean when I say Charms please visit: http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/charms/
Keeping in touch: 
Also, don’t forget to join our “Remind” group: dial 81010 and send the text: “@419f4”
You can also join our facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jjpearceorchestra/
And follow us on Twitter: @PearceOrchestra
For more info on all of the above please visit: www.jjpearceorchestra.com
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