Concert Details for Thursday, October 10, 2015

Location: Pearce High School Auditorium
Free to the Public—bring your family, friends, teachers, fan club. Small children welcome with adult supervision J
Attire: Formal wear*
Time: 7:00pm (Parents, come early and learn how to start earning money w/Scrip!)

*Uniform notes (please see us NOW if there is an issue with your uniform):

  • Ladies: Black formal dress uniforms (or approved alternative) w/dressy black shoes or dressy sandals (no flip flops, please); tights/pantyhose optional
  • Gentlemen: Tux jacket & pants, tux shirt, bowtie, cummerbund and dressy blackshoes w/black socks (no athletic shoes, please)

Specifics for Students:
Arrival Times (not approximate—be early!)

  • KROO/Officers—Setup right after school (See Josh & Robert for details); tear down after concert
  • Concert orchestra—6:15pm tune in the orchestra room; 6:30pm warmup on stage
  • Philharmonic orchestra—6:30pm tune and warmup in the orchestra room
  • Chamber orchestra—6:30pm tune and warmup in the large ensemble room

Approximate Performance Times**

  1. Concert, 7-7:15pm
  2. Bass & cello region excerpts, 7:15-7:30pm
  3. Phil, 7:30-7:45pm
  4. Viola & violin region excerpts, 7:45-8:00pm
  5. Chamber, 8:00-8:10pm

**All students will stay the entire time to watch/critique orchestra performances. Note: The Fall Concert is 25% of the orchestra student’s 2nd 6 weeks grade–50% for the Performance/warm-up period and 50% for demonstration of appropriate Concert Etiquette. We will go over specifics in class.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Melissa Livings
JJP Orchestra & AP Music Theory
Remind Texts: @jjpstrings to 81010
Twitter @PearceOrchestra

Orchestra Concert basics–Thursday, Oct. 8

Parents and Students,

I will send a more detailed email later but I wanted to highlight a couple of basics for our concert next week just so it’s on your radar!
  • Date: Thursday, Oct. 8, 7-8:30(ish)pm
  • Location: Pearce Auditorium
  • Attire: Formal Orchestra Dress/Tux
  • Order of performance: Concert, Phil, Chamber (w/Region features mixed in)
  • Other: Students will need to plan to stay as audience members before/after their performance unless they have a pre-approved reason to depart early/arrive late.
  • Parents: Have questions about how our Scrip fundraiser works??? We plan to have a representative on site before the concert to talk you through it if you’d like to learn how to stop writing checks and starting earning as you shop for groceries, etc.!
Let me know if you have any other questions. More details will follow early next week.

Melissa Livings

Shop with Scrip!

There are hundreds of store participating with Scrips!

I will be making an order for physical gift cards next Monday, Sept. 28th.

I found that Tom Thumb, Albertsons, and Exxon only have a physical gift card that you can “Reload”. Gulf, HEB, Central Market, and others only have one time use physical gift cards. You may use PrestoPay (debit from your bank account). Or put a check in the orchestra vault with your order. MONDAY is the DEADLINE.

Curious how much money you earn from shopping with Scrip?

You purchase (electronic or physical) gift cards for store that you shop at every day from “Shop with Scrip.”  A percentage of the price of the card goes into your child’s orchestra account, and can be used to pay for things such as the spring trip.

For example:
$200 Tom Thumb card= 4% back is $8 into your child’s account
$200 Walmart card= 2.5% back is $5 into your child’s account
$50 Pei Wei card= 8% back is $4 into your child’s account
$200 Cabela’s card= 11% back is $22 into your child’s account

It adds up quick! There are over 700 businesses to choose from.  It is simple once you get started, but you will have a million questions trying to get started.  These videos might help explain.  Please do not hesitate to call me with questions. Karen 469-831-8396

Chocolate is here!

Parents and Students,

Our most popular fundraiser continues today and the orchestra room smells AMAZING! On Friday (you may have gotten a “Remind” text) we received our latest shipment of World’s Finest Chocolate. By participating in this optional activity, you may earn scholarship credit towards your/your child’s ledger and offset fees and/or Corpus Christi trip costs. Here is an overview of how it works:

  • Check out a box(ex)–up to twomay be out at a time–BEFORE or AFTER school (you’ll see the chocolate show up on your ledger)
  • Sell the bars for $1/eachNEVER in school(prohibited by State Law)
  • Turn in the money to the orchestra safe(NO COINS)
  • The treasurer receives your payment, the chocolate cost is removed and the scholarship amount is applied ($30/box)
  • Repeat above steps as many times as you like. There is no due date; we sell until the product is gone.

We will go over the specifics in class but here are a few other things to remember:

  • Cash/check (to PAOC) onlyaccepted as payment for chocolate
  • NO coins ever please; the bank charges us to deposit change.
  • If chocolate is lost/stolen you still owe the value of the box ($30) to PAOC so be vigilant! 
  • Be sure to put your name on your deposit envelope!
  • Never sell during the school day–this is prohibited by state law.
  • You MAY sell to adults at any time and you should take your chocolate with you everywhere, including outside school and church events.

If you still have questions please let me or Ms. Gallman know. Happy selling!

Melissa Livings

Honors Orchestra

We are now prepared to begin enrolling students in HONORS Orchestra. For those of you who are new, this is a special program that exists only at the high school level so if you are coming from the junior high you have never had this opportunity before. Here are the highlights:

  • Students enroll in a special section of orchestra; no schedule changeis needed.
  • Students complete a special set of requirements (listed on the attached application) each semester.
  • In return, students receive five (5) “quality” points towards their GPA–think getting a 105 in orchestra instead of 100. It works similarly to AP class etc.
  • Benefits are obvious when it comes to grade points but also help expand a student’s learning.
  • The only deterrent that I know of for most students is the preparation required for All-Region. This music is very difficult (download on Charms now if you’d like to see it) so it’s important to note that a student only needs to audition, not actually make the all-region orchestra.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Applications are due without exception on Friday, September 4. Student and Parent signatures are required.

honors requirements and application 15-16

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