Buddy Week is a Halloween tradition that the JJP Orchestra uses to kick off the year.This year, Buddy Week will actually last for two weeks, ending the Friday before Halloween. It all culminates in an orchestra-wide party on October 29th.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Upperclassmen are paired with underclassmen to exchange gifts between each other.

  • Oscar Barkis and Stephanie Bullard will be coming to each class period within the next week to answer questions and assign buddies

  • Buddy Information sheets will be passed out so that the pairs will get to know each other’s interests (such as favorite candies and sodas).

  • Upperclassmen will pick a code name, so the underclassmen will not know who their buddies are until the party when the buddies are revealed.

  • On Monday, October 17, the gift exchanges begin and continue each day, through Friday, October 28.

  • All gifts are to be left on the Buddy Table outside the orchestra office door. *****Check the table daily to pick up your gift.*****

  • The week starts with a gift and note (along with the buddy info sheet) from the upperclassman, and the buddies alternate gift giving by day after that

  • Gifts need to remain under $10; homemade gifts are the best!

  • The Halloween Party will be on Saturday, October 29th and will include the buddy reveal, a lot of games, a pumpkin decorating contest, and A LOT of candy!!!! More details will be given as we get closer.

Wednesday, 10/5 Concert details

Parents and Students,

Our Fall Orchestra Recording Concert fast approaches! Here are the details for both performers and audience members:
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 5, 7:00pm
Location: Pearce High School Auditorium
Performance Attire: Dress formal (see below for detail)
Please note that this concert will professionally recorded. We welcome all orchestra family members and guests to our audience but ask that you please plan to step out should you need to make a phone call or quiet a small child. All electronic devices should remain in the “off” position during the entirety of the concert. Audience members will only be allowed to exit/enter between group performances. Thank you in advance for your help with this. Post concert, the recording will be available to all orchestra families free of charge.
Performer specifics for Wednesday:
8:00am–KROO members set the stage and orchestra room
In class–All groups rehearse ON STAGE
6:00pm–Concert orchestra reports for tuning in the orchestra room
6:15pm–Concert orchestra warms up on stage; Philharmonic orchestra reports for tuning/warm-up in the orchestra room
6:45pm–Chamber orchestra reports for tuning in the orchestra room
7:00pm–Auditorium doors close; Concert performs*
~7:15pm–Phil performs*
15m INTERMISSION (Chamber warm-up on stage)
~8:00pm–Auditorium doors close; Chamber performs*
~8:20pm–KROO breaks down stage; Men return bowties and cummerbunds
Please note that during the concert, orchestra members who are not performing are expected to exhibit appropriate audience etiquette; grades for next week’s concert are based on on and off stage performances.
Formal attire specifics: Ladies–black dress and dressy shoes (or approved substitute); Gentlemen–formal black tux jacket and pants plus black dress shoes and tuxedo shirt. Bowties and cummerbunds will be distributed at the time of tuning.
I think that answers everything but if I’ve forgotten something please just ask. Parents, if you would like to volunteer to help usher or collect/distribute uniform parts please just let me know. These are small jobs that make a big difference to our orchestra.

Melissa Livings

Shop With Scrip Gift Cards


Read below for an important message from our Scrip Coordinator, Karen Vaughn!

I will be ordering physical gift cards from Scrip next Wednesday, Sept. 14th.  We will have them in the following week.  Physical gift cards that can be reloaded are needed for Starbucks, Tom Thumb, Alberston, Chevron, Exxon, and others.  Check the website.  Sorry, we do not accept cash or checks; you must be registered with PrestoPay to order gift cards.

I attached 2 videos that might help you understand Scrip better.  The second video explains how to put the Shopwithscrip app on your phone.  This makes buying SCRIPNOW, electronic gift cards, easy and you can use them within minutes.


Please call if you have any questions,
Karen Vaughn, karen@vaughnhome.net

Last Call for Spirit Wear!

Don’t miss this last chance to order JJP Orchestra Spirit Wear! The deadline to turn in forms and payment to the safe in the Orchestra Room is Thursday, September 15th. Any orders received after this time will NOT be placed. Don’t hesitate! We have :

Nylon String Backpacks: 

Fleece Zip-Front Jacket: 

Yard Signs, Car Decals, and Wall Signs are available as well. Order Today! Questions? Email Sarah McClintock at sarahmcclintock@sbcglobal.net.

The order form can be downloaded here: http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/JJPO-Spirit-Wear-Order-Form-2016.docx

Orchestra Chocolate fundraiser begins TODAY!

Parents and Students,
Our popular World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser begins today and the orchestra room smells AMAZING! By participating in this optional activity, you may offset any fees and future/current spring trip costs. (Already paid? Don’t worry any excess funds paid directly to PAOC are refundable.)  Here is an overview of how it works:
  • Check out box(es)–up to two may be out at a time–BEFORE or AFTER
    (you’ll see the chocolate cost show up on your ledger). There will be a place for you to sign your name in the office.
  • Sell the bars for $1/eachNEVER in school to students (prohibited by State Law)
  • Turn in the money to the orchestra safe (NO COINS). Be sure your name is on the envelope or you will NOT get credit.
  • If chocolate is lost/stolen you will still owe for the cost of the box. Be vigilant and treat the box like cash.
  • The treasurer receives your payment, the chocolate cost is removed and a scholarship credit is applied ($30/box).
  • Repeat above steps as many times as you like.
  • There is no due date; we sell until the product is gone. EASY!

Questions? Send me an email. We’ll also go over the details in class. Happy selling and we hope that this fundraiser makes the trip and orchestra fees reachable for all of our students.
Melissa Livings

We want YOU to be an orchestra officer!

JJP Orchestra Students,

If you are service-oriented, looking for a way to help the orchestra or just eager to make a difference, we would like you to consider running for our 2016-2017 Orchestra Council. It’s fun, an excellent way to meet people and has the added bonus of looking great on your resume. All students in each of the three orchestras are welcome to apply (9th grade too–that’s why we wait until the Fall!)

There are many ways to help so please read the application (attached) and find out which position might be right for you. You’ve even got plenty of time to think about it. Applications aren’t due until Friday, September 2 (next week.) More info coming in class today.

PHS Orchestra Council Application 2016-17

Melissa Livings
JJP Orchestra & AP Music Theory

Missed Registration tonight? Came to registration but still need to pay your fees? Forgot to order spirit wear?

No Problem! You can now pay online with a credit card!

Simply go to https://squareup.com/store/jjpearceorchestra/ and pay online! Please remember to put your student’s name in the Note to Seller box when paying so we can correctly credit your account.

If you do not remember what you owe, your charms ledger has all the details. If you have any questions about your charms ledger, please contact Morgan Ambrose at treasurer@jjpearceorchestra.com.

You are still welcome to send in a check made out to “PAOC” to the safe in the Orchestra Room.

Registration Reminder

Registration is coming up on Thursday, August 18th! Below are a few additional details not mentioned in the postcard!

  • All school owned instruments at home for the summer should be returned on the day of registration (Aug. 18). We will get you set up on the one you will use at school, and if applicable, the one you may use at home.Please note that the RISD fee for school instrument use is now $100 per year (still a bargain!). This will be due at registration and is used for routine maintenance and repair. If you have received this email and will not be using a school-owned instrument please let Mrs. Livings know so she can remove the fee. You will not have to pay two fees if you will have home and school use.
  • Please download, print, fill out, and bring the following forms to registration:
    16-17 PHS Orch Handbook Acknowledgement Form
    16-17 Extracurricular Agreeement Form
    16-17 School-owned Instrument Check-Out Form (if applicable)
    16-17 Orchestra LOCAL Medical Form
    16-17 Spring Trip Medical Form
    16-17 Spring Trip Contract16-17 Region Contract (if applicable)

    16-17 Honors Contract (if applicable)

    All forms can be downloaded on the JJP Orchestra website at http://www.jjpearceorchestra.com/forms/.

  • We will need 2 separate copies of your medical insurance card.
  • Can’t wait to go on the trip? You can pay your Spring Trip Deposit at Registration. It is due no later than September 23rd, so don’t wait!
  • Don’t your forget cash, checkbook, or credit card.
  • Know your size! This will make uniform try-on go much faster!
  • Registration times for Juniors/Seniors are 4pm-6pm and Freshman/Sophomores are 6pm-8pm, but if you have a conflict on August 18th, come whenever you can during the 4pm-8pm time window. We need you to come!


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