2017-2018 Pearce Chamber Music Audition excerpts now available

Current and future Pearce Students,

(JH Teachers–please pass of to your 8th graders that plan on coming to Pearce)

If you are interested in auditioning for the 2017-2018 Pearce Chamber (Varsity) Orchestra, you need to visit http://tinyurl.com/1718JJPOAudition and download/print the excerpts for your instrument (Vln 1 & 2 for violin). You should begin preparing these now for your audition in May. They are edited and bowed to my expectations so please adhere to all markings. Similar to the All-region process, you will receive a “cut” from this music to play at your audition but in the meantime you should prepare it all; recordings are available on youtube and should be utilized. In addition, you should prepare scales, sightreading (see audition letter) and the etude that will be uploaded to this folder later in April (I’ll let you know it’s there).

If you are interested in auditioning only for Philharmonic (Non Varsity), you only need to be working on scales and sightreading at this time. Your etudes/cuts will be uploaded no later than late April (we’ll email you to tell you its there). Remember, if you signed up for orchestra you are already “in,” we just need to get you in the right group. Take a look at the audition letter if you aren’t sure what is right for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Pearce, the auditions or the requirements this year. I know it’s a change from the past but the idea is that we will take one or both of these selections into the Fall to use on our TMEA Honor Recording. All Chamber members must be knowledgeable of the music in advance. Thank you and HAPPY PRACTICING!

Pearce Orchestra and soloist featured on WRR

Pearce Family,
WRR (Classic 101.1 radio) has selected our very own Darren Carter (11th grade) and the Pearce Orchestra as the very first  featured group and soloist for their media campaign. If you’d like to check it out I’ve shared the info on Twitter:
and Facebook:
and Youtube:

This is our Danse Macabre from UIL Concert & Sightreading on March 2. Happy Friday!

Need trip chaperones, please volunteer!


If you are receiving this email, your child is going on the 2017 Houston Trip and competition with the orchestra. Not to sound desperate, but as of right now we have 81 confirmed attending (wow!) and only two confirmed chaperones–JD Bondy and Jennifer Hayes. Even if Mrs. Gallman and I act as chaperones we are still three short. I have a feeling there are parents out there who have planned on attending but I don’t have your names.
If you are interested in chaperoning or are planning on it and just haven’t told me please let me know. We must have at least one per every 10 students in attendance. Here are a few details for your consideration:
  • Dates: May 18-21; cost $450/person but we can work that out
  • Chaperones are 2 per room (not 4 per like the kids); husband/wife teams welcome–find a friend and come along!
  • Grandparents and guardians are welcome as well as long as they submit to the background check.
  • If you have a younger child, you can bring them with you; this is a very family-friendly trip. (My 8-year old is coming too!)
  • Chaperones will have 10 kids assigned to check in on periodically.
Please think about it an volunteer. I appreciate your consideration in advance.

Chamber Music Festival and In Class Ensemble Unit Sign-up–ACTION ITEM

Parents and Students,

Now that UIL is over and we’ve shown we can play as a large group, it is time to develop our skills as individuals and in small groups. We will do this through the Richardson Chamber Music Festival (RCMF) and In-class Ensemble Unit. Sign up by Friday, March 24 at: http://tinyurl.com/PearceSoloandEnsemble
(This link is new; let me know if you experience issues with the information or requirements so I can edit it for future users.)
Here’s the gist in case you are new to this or need a refresher:
Richardson Chamber Music Festival (RCMF) is on Saturday, April 29 at Berkner High School. It is open to all orchestra members but REQUIRED for Philharmonic and Chamber members (graded performance).
  • All Honors students must play a solo.
  • All students in Chamber AND Philharmonic (changed this year for Phil!) must play either a solo or an ensemble.
  • Concert members MAY elect to participate as a solo or ensemble member. This is highly encouraged for members who wish to audition for Phil at the end of the year.
  • All Solo and ensemble music must be approved by an director or private teacher. Solos must have piano accompaniment (unless specified “unaccompanied”); this accompaniment is arranged by the STUDENT.
  • The deadline to declare your event(s) and music for RCMF is Friday, March 24.
Our Ensemble Unit will be going on IN CLASS for Philharmonic and Chamber through the last week of April.
  • All members of 4th and 2nd period must participate in some type of ensemble. (Concert members have already completed this unit but may wish to take it to RCMF.)
  • Ensemble music may be selected by the students (with director approval) or assigned by the directors.
  • Up to one day a week in class will be dedicated to Ensemble rehearsal though students may wish to rehearse more outside of class.
  • The deadline to declare the names of your ensemble members is Friday, March 24.
Please let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you learn and grow as individuals. Please keep in mind Mrs. Gallman and I are always here to help; that said, now is a great time to start lessons if you are not already taking. This and auditions for next year are right around the corner!

Melissa Livings

Attention Spring Trip Orchestra Students!

To all students going on the Spring Trip,

Final trip payments are due March 8, which is Friday, the end of next week (before Spring Break). Please check your trip ledger and pay your balance as soon as possible. Congratulations to all those who completed their payments already!

Questions on your Charms ledger? Contact Morgan Ambrose at mzerelle@ambrose-atl.com or 214-683-4102.

Chipotle Fundraiser

Orchestra members, friends, and family,
Celebrate the end of UIL by joining us at Chipotle and raising money for your JJP Orchestra at the same time! We get a 50% return on all monies spent that evening, so join us for dinner this Thursday, March 2nd, and make sure to either show the cashier the flyer or tell them that you are supporting the J.J.Pearce High School Orchestra before you pay.

J.J. Pearce Orchestra Scholarship Application

The J.J. Pearce Area Orchestra Club (PAOC) is proud to award a scholarship to five Pearce High School Orchestra members for use toward the May 2017 Spring Trip. These one-time scholarships are in the amount of $100 each. The PAOC Treasurer will make a $100 disbursement to each recipient’s Charms Ledger Trip Balance. You must be current on your trip balance to apply for the scholarship.

Evaluation of candidates for scholarship selection is based on the following criteria:
Financial Need
Scholastic Achievement
School and Community Activities
Participation in Orchestra during High School

Applications are due to the Orchestra Directors by February 22, 2017. No late or incomplete applications will be considered. Presentation of the scholarships will be made by March 10, 2017.

Click here to download the application.

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