All Region Orchestra Results

Congratulations to the 19 students who were selected to the 2017 All-Region Orchestra. We had the most students selected of ANY high school in RISD and the highest number in our region from a regular high school (non-Fine Arts magnet). It’s a wonderful assortment of 9-12 grade and bodes well for the continued success of our program. The music for these is VERY difficult and only a handful of students are even qualified to attempt it.

Top Row: Darren C (1st chair-highest ranked) and Sung J

Second Row: James K (1st chair, 2nd violin), Hongyi Z, and Wilson P

Third Row: Kameel D, Bryan P, Dingjing Z and Alice C

Fourth Row: Yiru O, Jack P, Barbara B and Andrew B (1st chair-highest rank)

Fifth Row: Miriam S, Erin S (alternate), Aaron B, Jacob A and Charlie B

Not pictured: Katie M (alternate)