Conflict with Orchestra Registration

If you have a conflict with Orchestra Registration on August 17 (4-8pm, come for one hour) please read this email in full (others, stop reading.) While registration is NOT how you sign up for orchestra it IS how you get everything necessary done that we don’t have time to do in class. Here are the answers to a few of the questions we’ve had so far.
Parent can come but not the student? 
We may be able to schedule an alternate time to do uniform fitting. The parent may complete the rest of the registration process without the student if that is the only option but please make sure you are aware of your child’s contact info (ID, email, etc.).
Student can come but not the parent? 
Registration is open from 4-8pm so if it is a work issue feel free to come earlier/later than your scheduled time. If that doesn’t help…
  • Download all the forms in advance  and get everything signed and completed. You’ll also need 2 copies of your medical insurance card if applicable.
  • For fee payment, be prepared with cash, check or credit card. You can check how much you’ll need to pay by logging on to Charms or I can put you in touch with our treasurer.
  • For info completion, make sure you know your parents email(s), phones #’s etc.
Neither student nor parent can come? 
In the rare case that neither can make it, you’ll need to:
  • Schedule a uniform fitting
  • Pay your fees online (or send a check); the PAOC treasurer can assist with this process.
  • Download and complete forms. You can drop them off anytime next week in an envelope labeled with my name. Be sure to include insurance cards where applicable.
  • Log on to Charms and update all your information so we continue to reach out to only the right addresses and people.
As you can see the night is very necessary and we promise to honor your time. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.