Final Concert info

Parents and Students,

In addition to our departure for the Spring Trip on May 18 in the wee hours of the morning, we also have our wonderful final Spring Concert to look forward to on Wednesday, May 17, 7:00pm in the JJP Auditorium. This concert will feature our Spring Festival music, solo and ensemble features from Chamber Music Festival and a Senior sendoff. Here are the details so you can plan ahead:

8:00am               KROO meet to set up for concert
4:30-5:15pm      All Seniors and Barman quartet meet for rehearsal in aud (MANDATORY)
6:15pm               Phil/Concert meet in the orch. room for tuning (move to the stage at 6:45)
6:45pm               Chamber meet in the orchestra room for tuning (repack tuner in case)
7:00pm               Phil/Concert combo performs
~7:15pm             Solo/Ensemble features, Concert exits the stage
~7:25pm             Phil only
~7:30pm             Solo/Ensemble features, Phil exits the stage
~7:40pm             Chamber performs
~8:00pm             Senior sendoff
~8:10pm             Seniors from Phil/Concert join Chamber, final selection
~8:15pm             KROO clears stage and Orchestra room

Attire for the performance is FORMAL WEAR (tuxes, dresses etc.); do you know where are your formal wear is? If something is missing let me know this week. I have a collection of items in the handprint closet.

A special note for those going on trip: After the concert is over students GOING ON TRIP should change out of formal wear, bag uniforms and leave in the orchestra room for trip departure the next day (including bowties/cummerbunds). We will finish the concert somewhat late and leave the next day VERY EARLY. Please do not wait to pack until Wednesday night.

A special note for those NOT going on trip: After the concert is over, students NOT GOING on trip should bag uniforms and place them in the theory lab. RETURN ties and cummerbunds. Please be sure to take your dress shoes and socks out. On Thursday and Friday you will NOT go to the orchestra room; your classes will meet in the choir room.

Questions? As always just let us know!
Melissa J. Livings